On and on and on….

9 07 2011

I woke up Friday morning at 5:25am to complete my daily routine of walking 6 miles with my dogs, working at my new job (yay!) 8:30am to 5:30pm, driving home in traffic backed up even more because of all of the crazy rain we’ve been having, scarfing down some food before heading off to job #2 from 9pm to 2am, downing a couple of beers with some friends after work until 4am, stopping by McDonalds for some food only to be told we can only order breakfast when all I wanted was a burger, continuing home and indulging in some recreational herbal treatments with my roommate while he rewinds the sex scenes over and over from the Real L Word show, and finally going to bed at 5:15am….almost a complete 24-hr day.

One would think after this packed in day I would be super tired and sleep away my Saturday, right? Oh, I forgot to mention I had a Mt Dew and a Red Bull throughout my night due to fatigue kicking me in. I can’t be working downtown and yawning as people come to party. What kind of mood does that set? Anyway I don’t drink Red Bull anymore because, although I like it, it does crazy things to me like making me wake up at 10am after only sleeping 5 hours after being up for nearly 24! Gotta give it props though because it does exactly what it advertises. It gave me wings. Let’s see if another herbal treatment will help me clip these wings even though it’s supposed to elevate me as well.




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