Familiar Faces in Not So Familiar Places

9 07 2011

Working downtown on the weekends means I get to see a lot of faces, some familiar because I see them every weekend, most of them unrecognizable to me because of my abused memory or I just don’t pay attention to details like their faces.

Sometimes I feel that I don’t retain things easily because my brain is too full. There is a lot going on up there at any given moment and I’m sorry if I don’t recognize you right away even though you say hello to me every weekend. I see a lot of people throughout the night, hundreds of them and I’m busy multi-tasking with work to pay attention to everything.

You will eventually stand out to me, the lightbulb within will turn on and in that moment I will find the memory of you somewhere buried beneath all of the other stuff piled up in my head. It happens. I do mean well, and I love meeting new people so don’t take it personally.

Last night I saw a familiar face I haven’t seen in a few years. It was from an interesting and kind of good, kind of bad time of my life. I hollered out his name and he turned to look at me. It took a second of tilting his head and squinting his eyes before he smiled and recognized me. He rushed over and gave me a hug and politely told me it was great to see me and all but that name I just called out wasn’t his.

How embarrassing!

My memory had played a trick on me and the name I confused him with was someone I knew from that same period of my life. As soon as he lifted his shirt and showed me his new tattoos it started to come back to me. We worked at a bar together back in the day and at that particular bar we had to work in our underwear. And no, I’m not going to give that bar a plug because they burned a bridge with me.

It’s funny how you remember people. Most people that knew me during that time don’t recognize me with clothes on either. The chiseled chest and Japanese artwork flipped my lightswitch and I immediately remembered who he really was. Come on, I saw him every day at work without his shirt on, how am I supposed to recognize him completely with it on?

I still felt like a dumbass and will refrain from shouting out names of people I remember from my past until I am 100% sure or until they lift their shirt up and greet me the way I would remember them. I tried to redeem myself by sending him a text using his correct name without him having to tell me what it was. I’m not going to lose sleep over this or anything I was just saying….




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