Why are selfish people reproducing at such rapid rates?

19 07 2011

It’s just ketchup.

Ok, I really try hard not to complain about things but sometimes I feel it’s important to be heard. And for the girls sitting at the bar, this past Sunday, who lack certain things like common courtesy (and common intellect I’m sure as well) this blog is for you. Or for others to read and be warned of you.

 I try to live my life by example but there is only so much of other people’s shenanigans I can take before I lose the self control that’s been holding back the words I very much want to spew.

We are human I get that. We make mistakes and we take what we have in the “now” for granted some of the times. It’s okay if this happens. Believe me, it will happen. Not all of us are taught life’s lessons in the same way or at the same time or at all for that matter. But by the time you are in your twenties, possibly pushing quarter life status, you should know a little more about what is right and what is phucked up.

 Open your eyes and see that there are other people around you. We share this earth we don’t individually own it. When you see a man sitting at a bar and he asks you politely if you can pass down the centerpiece containing napkins, ketchup, salt and pepper, can you just be nice and hand it to the guy?

Because getting your fat ass off the barstool will propel you into a whole other world filled with people other than yourself, a world of disadvantages and disabilities for some. Had you responded humanely back you would have noticed that the man sitting at the bar had a wheelchair next to his bar stool. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you have some intelligence to figure out he has no use of his legs and struggled just to get himself up on the barstool in order to feel more “normal” in the setting instead of barely being able to see over the bar counter.

Having to ask people for help on a daily basis to do things you used to be able to do on your own but you simply can’t do them anymore has got to be hard, humiliating, and uncomfortable. Try to spend a day without your legs. How about trying to spend just an hour without them? Trust me, he would have wanted nothing more than to be able to get up and get the ketchup himself. Your response by reluctantly shoving the basket just a little closer but not nearly close enough says a lot about your character. Unfortunately it’s giving other humans a bad rap because you are just like us minus the heart.

Let’s remember that what we have right now is a gift and realize it’s okay to take a few seconds away from our self-indulging behavior to help out a fellow human in need. How is the act of passing the ketchup really hurting you?




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