How Come Dogs Don’t Step In Their Poop?

27 08 2011

I was outside throwing the frisbee to my 2 1/2 year old Pitbull, Haylee when I noticed something unusually interesting. She gets real excited when we play frisbee and backs up a little, but not too much, mouth open, tongued hanging over the side.

I have three big dogs and I only scoop poop twice a week so at times there are some piles, or landmines as my dad would call them, throughout the back yard. My arm raises slowly and I watch Haylee excitedly anticipate me throwing the frisbee. Her eyes never leave the target, even when I fake like i’m going to toss it.

She’s good.

I can’t help but to notice a fresh pile of poop right behind her and as I prepare to throw the frisbee she backs up with quick jerky movements, anxious and excited. I think to myself, she’s going to step in it. I know she’s going to step in it.

So I purposely draw out this frisbee throwing game to see if she is going to step in this poop. But she doesn’t. I don’t know how she does it but she oversteps and avoids the piles. Without looking, since she’s backing up and eyes are glued to the frisbee i’m holding up in the air.

This is incredible to me and I purposely observe my dogs on walks and when I play with them in the backyard. I’ll spot a pile of poop on the sidewalk.

 Yes, not everybody cleans up after their dogs. Not judging though, there are times I leave the poop too. Except on the sidewalk. When they do that I find a stick or something and at least flick it to the side off the sidewalk. It’s called courtesy. Just try to pick it up more than not because it’s gross.

Anyway, I watch as we approach the poop on the sidewalk and observe my dogs. They all do it. Somehow, without even looking down at the ground, they miss the poop. Some times they come really close and i’m biting my nails in anticipation but then a sigh of relief as they manage to avoid it.

Amazing skills! How do they do this? It’s like they have some sensor mechanism that directs them away from the poop and how cool would that be to have. We could all avoid those times of misfortune when you step in a pile of poop somebody so kindly left behind. I’ve done it many times. But with this new power we would have fewer bad days, fewer “goddamn son of a bitch’s” , fewer chance of catching a feces related disease like zoonoses. Yes I looked that one up.

There seems to be a lot we can learn from a dog.




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31 08 2011

This always amazes me too. We’re on our 7th pittie now (6 fosters plus our own dog), and we’ve only had one poop stepper. And she was like a magnet for the stuff. If she wasn’t stepping in it, she was dropping her ball in it or accidentally rolling in it. But the others? Never a trace. Is it an evolutionary skill?

12 10 2011

I’ve got another poop story for ya… yesterday I took my Pit and my German Shepherd out to the tennis courts in my neighborhood early evening when nobody was around. I locked them inside and let them off the leash. The Shepherd was just walking around sniffing things but the Pit wanted to play. So I got her frisbee out and played catch and throw with her. After about the third or fourth catch she quickly dropped the frisbee and squatted. The frisbee had rolled around only to land behind her right underneath her butt. She had no idea and continued to poop on the frisbee. I was cracking up. When she was through she looked at her frisbee but didn’t attempt to pick it up. It made my job cleaning up her pile a lot easier. Just picked up the frisbee and tossed it in the trash can.

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