5 Benefits of Lesbian Dating

6 03 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction

Sometimes…if you forget your makeup, didn’t accessorize enough, need to change clothes to go out but didn’t bring extra, forget to moisturize, snag your pantyhose, or need a refresher spritz of perfume…you can borrow hers or she can borrow yours…sometimes.


When you both are out at a restaurant, bar or club with a group of friends and she looks at you with that glisten in her eyes; the hormonal urge quickly bestows itself upon the both of you. Make the nod towards the women’s restroom where you both will meet up in a few minutes to sneak that kiss, or whatever,without even being suspected by guests or staff. Girls love to go to the bathroom together.


That time of the month can be a bit challenging for a woman…emotions out of control, abdominal cramps bringing you to your knees, patience non-existent, mood changes constantly…It’s nice when the person you’re dating really understands what you’re going through and knows how to not irritate you or upset you and most especially, when to back off. They can honestly relate, without holding it against you later!

Feminine Products

Going along with period sympathy…when Mother Nature pops up on you unexpectedly or maybe you just used the last tampon you brought out with you, chances are she’ll have tampons in her purse or under her sink, saving you both time and money not to mention the prevention of any embarrassing accidents. She’s got you covered.

Department Store

There’s nothing like being able to go with her into the changing room in the department store. It’s a free strip tease in the middle of a small secure area lined with mirrors and bad lighting. Kind of like the champagne room only the music isn’t quite as loud and you don’t have to dish out any money. Except to purchase whatever is it she wants to buy. Hmmm…come to think of it, you might save more money just going to a strip club.




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