Mother nature got a little rough with us today

24 03 2013

It’s crazy how powerful mother nature can be when she really wants to. After a busy Sunday morning, early afternoon thunderstorms passed through leaving behind a big mess. There were reports of tornadoes which have not yet been confirmed but after a walk in my neighborhood, it certainly looks like tornado aftermath damage.

What I found interesting was in my area, there were so many huge trees knocked down or uprooted and they all seemed to fall towards the road. I didn’t see much damage to homes other than a lot of fence damage. If these trees would have landed any in any other direction, there could have been so much more devastating damage.

This was a quick and sneaky storm.


Lots of trees down.


Smashed tractor.


Lots of trees down, blocking streets and knocking down power lines.


Huge trees knocked down.


Tree blocking the road. This street actually continues down another half mile from where that green wall is.




Saw a lot of this around the neighborhood.




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