Why are our children being abducted?

19 07 2012

I was doing my daily ritual of reading different news websites before I got started with work and came across an article that’s hot on the web today. Apparently a man in Philadelphia was caught on a resident’s surveillance camera attempting to abduct a 10-year old girl walking home with her 2-year old brother. She kicked and screamed along with her brother and although the attacker just wanted her, and even lifted her entirely off the ground and started to run, he was unable to complete his task and ran off like the sick cowardly punk he is.

This story following another big one earlier this week about two girls, cousins Lyric and Elizabeth, who went missing in Iowa after their grandmother let them go outside and ride their bikes before dark. Their bikes and a purse was found near Meyer’s lake which is nearby and the search dogs followed the girls’ trail to the edge of the water. Now they will begin to drain the lake.

Missing Iowa Girls, Lyric and Elizabeth

I’m sure there were many other children being abducted or missing whose stories didn’t make national news but this is absolutely ridiculous. Why are our children being taken away so easily? In this day and age, trust is no where to be found. We can’t even help a homeless begger on the street because we don’t really know this person and what they are capable of doing. It’s so sad.

I would like to know what these people doing with our children? Is it a money thing? Kidnap a kid and sell them or enslave them. It wouldn’t be the first time we heard this and in some places, children don’t have the same rights as a normal human being and these sort of things are normal to them.

What makes someone take something that is not rightfully theirs? We’re not talking about a car or diamond ring, not even a family pet (which you don’t want me to get started with because they are considered family members to me). They take the children away from their parents, the freedom and innocence away from the children, and all for what reason? Are these people just sick and demented or is there something else going on?

I know these children and women can’t just disappear off the earth. Just standing in one place creates an imprint on this earth. They can’t just vanish. That doesn’t happen. For the children that are never found, where did they go? And how do we not see what happened or find their imprint which HAS to be here. I’m not talking about a physical imprint either. As long as they are alive they are leaving trails. For the unfortunate victims that do not survive, there is no such thing as the perfect crime and their attacker is leaving a trail as well. We need to figure out how to track them down.

Natalee Holloway disappeared while on a high school graduation trip in Aruba

I’m going to tell you right now, the first thing we need to do is unite as a family, a human family full of differences but with similar hearts, and step up to the plate. We start by paying attention. Enough worrying about invading other people’s privacy, experiencing a little embarrassment for overreacting is a small price to pay if that’s the case. If it’s not, you just saved a life. Hmmm, this seems like a no-brainer. We don’t pay attention enough to what’s going on outside our own world. Drives me nuts sometimes.

Now if you are one of those that happens to be in the right place at the right time, please understand that you have an obligation to mankind to speak up. Especially when you see the innocent or weaker individuals getting picked on. This world has changed so much just in the 30-something years I’ve been around and it’s not looking good.

What could possibly be going through this man’s mind as he tries to pick up and steal a little girl away from her brother and family. The little boy would have been an easier target but he went for the older girl. Not that boys shouldn’t have their guards up, we all should always, but there’s something these nasty people want with our girls.

We have got to step up and protect our children. Even if they aren’t ours by blood, they don’t have the experience or understanding of what people are obviously capable of doing. Parents, continue to train your children and prepare them for a world without mom and dad around. Everybody else who’s not a criminally insane sociopath, treat the world like a neighborhood watch society and don’t look the other way expecting somebody else to take care of it.

Jennifer Kesse disappeared one morning when leaving her apartment to go to work.

This brave girl in Philly did the right thing by kicking and screaming and not giving up. Why she was walking alone with her brother down a Philadelphia street is beyond me. I’m not judging at all. I know that’s what we used to be able to do but this world is different now. We should adapt accordingly. Countries have figured out how to invade us and kill thousands of innocent people in broad daylight. It’s NOT a safe place out there. We should always have our guards up. And we should always be prepared for the unexpected.

Don’t tempt the evilness by putting yourself in unnecessary circumstances. Embrace the idea of evil possibilities early so when it does rear its ugly face it won’t stand a chance at winning the battle. We all share this earth together. We can all look out for one another too.

To say nothing, to do nothing, stops nothing.