Belfast, Ireland : A city that judges as if they were some god, while lacking any godly qualities

3 07 2012

Sometimes I just don’t get it. We have countries where families are purposely aborting and murdering baby girls because they’re too expensive to raise, we have countries taken over by drug mafia organizations and dumping bodies on the highways, we have countries making money off enslaving and trafficking young women for sex, we have countries torturing their citizens until they obey some higher authority.

There’s a lot of negativity out there and it’s all over the news and media resources. These are important and serious issues and should be a concern.

So when I’m reading one of the many dog stories that passes through my inbox I’m completely disgusted as to why this particular city in this particular country is purposely creating negativity when the world has come forth to promote a healthy and positive alternative where no injustice is done.


Belfast, Northern Ireland is where this injustice is located. All because someone thought they knew more than they did and the result cost a family, and now thousands of people worldwide extreme heartache.

Lennox is a family dog. He was 5 years old at the time Belfast City Council Dog Wardens seized him from his family’s home. He is an American Bull Dog-Labrador mix, up to date on his shots and vaccinations, neutered, never had any complaints, never showed signs of aggression since they raised him as a pup. But because of the size of his muzzle and rear legs (measurements taken by a non-professional dog anything) he was taken from his family to be put to death by the Council.


Two years later, Lennox’s human family, including the family’s 11-year-old disabled daughter who didn’t understand why they would want to kill her best friend, still haven’t been allowed to see or visit their beloved dog and are still fighting the fight to save his life. One court battle after another.

I’m not going to go into all of the details like the contradicting stories from the Belfast Dog Wardens about Lennox’s aggressive demeanor and testimony that one particular warden states she is terrified of this dog when photos surfaced of the friendly dog licking this same warden’s face. I’m not going to go into all of the details about how this story has reached numerous countries and tens of thousands of educated dog trainers, owners, rescues and advocates, all offering assistance any way they can. Image

Lennox has been offered a home in many US states, several countries, other parts of Ireland that aren’t stuck in ignorant and foolish ways of thinking. Cesar Milan from the Dog Whisperer and his organization has offered to help, Victoria Stilwell, renowned dog trainer and author has offered her help. People from all over the world, with an actual education in animal and dog studies have come forth to support this current problem, that shouldn’t even be a problem.

It’s one thing when you have problem issues like cancer, a disease that we don’t have a cure for and aren’t exactly sure how we contract it. If a cancer expert came up to a cancer patient and said, I’ve found a way that makes the disease go away, wouldn’t you give it a try?

Or would you prefer the chemist major that created a new drug that hasn’t been tested or the sales rep that wants to make a quick million by covering the symptoms temporarily with a special pill?

What exactly is the point Belfast City Council is trying to make? Why are we going through heartache and using up all of our energy to fight for something that should be common sense. It’s bigger of a person to own up to the mistake and admit they’re wrong than continue to follow through and create more wrongs along the way. But cowards don’t usually act that way. Ignorant minds either. Sociopaths as well for that matter. Image

In this case, Belfast is wrong. They didn’t have qualified dog experts to say that this dog is or is not a particular breed. They didn’t give a warning or alternative to killing a family dog. There is nothing educated at all behind Belfast’s City Council’s actions and I’m sorry I ever gave them any credit for anything.

There is a problem according to Belfast City Council. They don’t want any Pit Bulls, or dogs they consider Pit Bulls, in their city. I won’t say I understand but I’ll respect their rules. What doesn’t make sense is that there are alternative solutions to this problem at hand. Solutions that won’t break an 11-year-old’s heart and inhumanely kill her best friend. A solution that wouldn’t cost this family, and the huge group of supporters, heartache, money, and time.

Why can’t Belfast City Council take one of the many alternatives with re-homing the dog out of the country with one of many rescue organizations? Why can’t Belfast allow experienced, professional dog trainers assess the situation and re-habilitate or help re-home Lennox?Image

The only educated answer to their actions leading up until now is power. Somebody in Belfast has got a hard-on for wasting time, energy, and money as well as making the lives of even it’s own law-abiding citizens completely miserable. I can name a few other leaders in history that acted like this. Their evil beliefs caused nothing but damage.

It starts with Lennox. Next is you and me. Please stop the ignorance. Swallow your pride and deflate your ego because there are other more serious battles out there with no solution. This one has a plethora of non-violent solutions if you simply act like a human with a heart.

Let’s wake up and notice what’s really going on. Let’s punish the right people and leave the responsible citizens alone to enjoy life with their family, including the furry four-legged kind. The discrimination must end. Haven’t we learned ANYTHING from history?

My heart goes out to you, Lennox, and the Barnes’ family!



Changing the World One Blog at a Time

7 02 2012

One person can’t save the world right? Or maybe they can.

I involve myself in the dog rescue world because I have always had a big heart for animals and I love making positive differences. It’s sad and upsetting to hear stories on a day-to-day basis about a dog owner surrendering their furry family member of some crazy number of years because of one thing or another.

I’m not one to judge but what happened to following through with the decisions you make?

You wanted a family dog, you got one, you played with him for years, you fed him, you let him sleep in your bed at times, you made him a part of your family, you made him believe he was safe and loved and now times are tough…

…There’s not enough money to be made to continue your lifestyle, the dog’s sick and you foresee huge vet bills, you have to relocate but you can’t take the dog, you don’t have the time anymore to take care of it….


I’m sorry but that’s bullshit.

I firmly believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Can’t remember where I’ve heard that before but it’s perfectly true.

This is my response.

Make yourself a new budget, plan ahead and get pet insurance, put some money aside for these unforeseen circumstances, change your plans or lifestyle a little to incorporate your furry family member, make time for the important things, follow through and take care of the responsibilities you took on rather than pawning them off on somebody else. Stop putting your wants and needs in front of everything else.

I had no idea the amount of responsibilities I took on when adopting my first dog. I was still in college and working full time. I learned the hard way but I learned. I had help at times but I always strived to take care of my own things and would work hard at getting back in balance.

And I did.

Not to say I wouldn’t be thrown off course again but I just get back up and move forward with my goals. Leaving my dog behind though, wasn’t an option to me.

Looking back I see some of the things I could have done better, better choices I could have made. I remember many times looking for an apartment within my budget that allows big dogs and hitting one dead end after another. The thought of how much easier this apartment search would be if I didn’t have a dog did come across my mind.

Easier is the key word here. And the apartment search would have been.

But I fell in love with this dog, and I made her a part of my family and to choose the easy way over the unconditional love this animal gave me would be a mistake I would live to regret for the rest of my life.

Not only would I fail and pass on my burdens to someone else, I would fail because the other options didn’t favor my immediate gratifications. I would fail because the other options weren’t in my comfort zone and I can’t think outside that box. I don’t know how anybody can justify doing that.

Did you really exhaust ALL of your options?

Maybe bringing the dog with you on your cross-country move would be extremely difficult. Maybe it would mean you would take longer to get to your destination or maybe it means you’ll have to live in a different city close by the one you originally wanted to live in. Maybe it would cost a little more. Maybe it would require more planning on your part which takes up more of your time.

These reasons don’t seem impossible to overcome. They don’t sound like life-threatening, doomsday, can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel type of corners you think you’ve backed yourself up into. If there is a will, there’s another answer other than wiping your hands clean of what you now call a problem when you used to call him your dog.

I’m thankful to all of the people out there who own up to their responsibilities, for better or for worse, and stick through it. I’m thankful to those who lend a helping hand to people and animals that need it in tough times or just in general. I’m thankful that there are people out there that don’t mind taking on more than their fair share in order to save the lives of these dogs.

If we all just did our part, and it’s really not that big of a part, then this world would be such a different place. One to be proud of.

Which makes me come back to whether or not one person can save the world. My answer is absolutely! One person at a time.