Silent Wings

9 02 2013

A multitude of souls;

Loss of faith due to grief;

A town in turmoil;

All hope rests on the wings.

A little inspiration from the book I'm working on.

A little inspiration from the book I’m working on.




Back to my blog – What I was saying was…

15 09 2012

Hello there. I know I’ve been going on my rants and raves of passion lately on my blog. About this and about that. The more I learn about the world, the more I feel I need to fight. For equal treatment. For things I never really thought about before because it wasn’t the right time. For doing what’s right in my own eyes and not following some of the ways of the world. For the killing and the hate to stop. It’s easy for me to get pulled into the world of darkness when I watch or read the news, local or nationally. I thrive on learning about things. I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures, religions and ways of life. About people and their stories. So many stories.

My special box.

I can feel something inside me change. I feel that I’m starting to “get” things more. I’m beginning to understand how life works and it’s pretty crazy. I feel like I’ve been able to step outside myself and my feelings to really see what triggers one over the other. I’m beginning to ┬átrust again. I like who I’m becoming and although I’m still going to make mistakes, I’ve realized that it’s part of learning. And having the control to consciously not make them again.

I thank my parents for teaching me the ways of good. A lot of what they taught was absorbed. I like the kind of person those lessons helped to mold.

Now it’s time for some more dysfunction.